MaxMSP is my software of choice for composing as well for sound and video installations.
If you wonder what MaxMSP is all about, take a look here.

Some externals I programmed for MaxMSP:


rs.delos, sort of a crossbreed of the pre-Max5 timeline object with a pianoroll style Midi editor, lets you put events in a timeline and send them out synchronized to a transport object.

Each event acts as a container for:
- pitch/velocity and duration information,
- user definable parameters,
- user definable breakpoint functions,
- MSP buffer display,
- any arbitrary message.

ATTENTION: the available version is not compatible with Max 7

Click on images below to see rs.delos in action:

Basic Manipulation
Breakpoint Functions & MSP Buffers


Available in the Store !!!


Download a Demo version:

Mac (Max5 & Max6)

Windows (Max5 & Max6)